Sales Representative

Sales Representative

Southwestern Consulting

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The Southwestern Family of Companies is searching for an experienced Sales Representative to work directly with one of their newest companies under Southwestern Consulting, Southwestern Empowerment, on a commission contract basis. 

To be certified as a Southwestern Empowerment Sales Representative, you MUST have a consistent background as a TOP PRODUCER IN SALES. You must also be a practitioner in the art of business and sales and have a passion for self-development.

For more than 160 years, Southwestern has trained, motivated, and coached salespeople and leaders to sell using fundamental principles that elevate the practice and perception of sales. As a part of that mission, Southwestern Empowerment is looking for someone who has the following skill sets and qualities:

  • A top-producing salesperson and loves the art of selling
  • Self-motivated and able to self-manage out of a home office
  • Desire to self-generate new leads as well as build lasting client relationships



  1. Must have 5-7+ years of proven sales excellence
  2. Strong presentation skills
  3. Strong 1-on-1 communication skills
  4. Ability to self-generate leads as well as build local relationships
  5. Work independently on a day-to-day basis while also communicating with other members of the Southwestern Empowerment team on a weekly, if not daily, basis by phone, email, through project management tools, through our CRM, etc.
  6. Organized and detail-oriented individual who values open and constant communication with their teammates
  7. Believes in having fun and values helping others succeed in their personal and professional lives
  8. Gets stuff DONE!
  9. Sets a goal and then takes action to conquer it
  10. Is always learning and growing
  11. Desires to be a part of something larger than themselves

Must Understand

  • New technology and how to use it in business, including but not limited to social media, business tools, and mobile apps
  • PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Keynote, Google Drive and Applications
  • Learn and implement all necessary skills in using our Client Relationship Management (CRM) software.

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