Southwestern Ventures

Company Overview

Southwestern Ventures is an international profit center for the more than 150-year-old organization.

Southwestern Ventures was founded to create career and entrepreneurial opportunities for young people in Europe. Acting as a business incubator for Southwestern Family of Companies, Southwestern Ventures focuses on starting and on-boarding new businesses by leveraging the family of companies’ strong network of talented alumni.

Southwestern Ventures currently has 4 divisions: Finance, Insurance, Fundraising, and Home Services. Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, we also do business in Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland.

Our mission:
• Give people a chance to Earn, Learn, and Serve through sales and leadership.
• Help sales professionals build a career within SWFC using proven values, principles, and methods.
• Create and help build partner businesses which have the goal of making a positive local and global impact.

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Lauteri 5 Tallinn
Estonia 10145

[email protected]