Control, Influence, Accept (For Now)

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In Control, Influence, Accept (For Now), Dan Moore simply explains principles and strategies to prepare for and cope with a future no one can predict.

Regardless of your present reality: What will your future be like…in ten years? Twenty years? Thirty years? No one can completely predict that but what we do know is that nothing stays the same. Technology we rely on every day didn’t exist 20 years ago; careers that exist today may be extinct in a few years. With so much uncertainty, what can we do? Control, Influence, Accept (for now) is a guidebook to help us sort out and thrive through the twists and turns on life’s road. C-I-A(fn) is tremendously simple but also tremendously effective. Each chapter of this book ends with exercises that can help you begin to internalize key traits for coping with a future no one can predict.

During his 49-year tenure with Southwestern Family of Companies, Dan Moore trained more than 100,000 people how to sell, how to lead and how to get on the path to achieving their goals in life. He’s been involved in the creation and growth of businesses and influenced many future entrepreneurs. Dan has researched and honed his C-I-A(fn) expertise through his many years mentoring students at Southwestern Advantage and working alongside executives across Southwestern Family of Companies.

About Dan Moore

Over the course of his 50-year career, Dan Moore has trained more than 100,000 people on how to lead, sell, and achieve their goals in life. A New Mexico native, he began his career in 1974 with the Southwestern Advantage sales and leadership program. Moore attended Harvard University, where he graduated with honors at age 20. He also holds an MBA from the Owen Graduate School of Management, where he was an honors graduate and Class Speaker.

Moore paid his tuition at Harvard by selling Southwestern Advantage products door-to-door and was promoted to District Sales Manager upon graduation. Among other roles with Southwestern Family of Companies, Moore served as SWA Vice President of Marketing for many years and was credited with modernizing the company’s sales school. In 2007, he was named President of Southwestern Advantage, where he served until recently retiring in 2022. His biggest advice for students is “having a why that’s focused on a cause that’s bigger than ourselves.”

Moore is a frequent lecturer at colleges and universities across North America and Europe and has traveled to 59 countries. He has served as an adjunct faculty member at Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Business, and been the host of TEDx Nashville. In his spare time, Moore plays guitar and piano, and prioritizes health, fitness, and yoga. He completed 24 half-marathons after the age of 51, and completed the New York City Marathon when he was 56, finishing in the top half of 46,000 runners.

Dan and his wife Maria currently live in Nashville, TN.

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